Back to School

A US wide back to school campaign was initiated in 2020 during the Covid pandemic when students faced major learning disruptions. 

Academic success is fundamental to breaking the cycle of generational poverty. Class participation, timely homework completion, staying current with the syllabus and school supplies are important to children staying in school.

The SRLC Back to School initiative works in Title I school districts which include a large number of students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. For students whose families cannot afford supplies, coming to school unprepared can create social and emotional challenges, in addition to putting kids at a learning disadvantage.

The SRLC USA program has grown exponentially from positively impacting nearly 10,000 students in 2020 to 25,000 students in 2021. The campaign provides school supplies, ear phones, adapters, chargers, and subscriptions to academic apps. The cost per student is about $400 per year.