Humanitarian Care

The Challenge

With natural disasters, hunger, famines, floods people often feel overwhelmed and lose hope. Every day seems to bring a new crisis — parents struggling to find the next meal for their children, devastating natural disasters, and more — all in the middle of a global pandemic. Who takes care of those who have no one to look out for them?

Our Solutions

From hygiene kits to food drives, SRLC-USA provides essentials such as healthy food, sanitary items, and clothes to the homeless, elderly, terminally ill and underprivileged members of society.


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Our Programs

SRLC Food Drives

Shrimad Rajchandra Food Drives distributes food globally to those in need.

SRLC Distribution of Essential Aids for Respite (DEAR)

Shrimad Rajchandra Distribution of Essential Aids for Respite (DEAR) is a program that distributes essential items to the 23 million homeless in India.

SRLC Differently Abled Program

India-based initiative that focuses on helping those who are physically disabled.

SRLC Affection for the Aged

Volunteers visit (retirement homes/senior living homes) in order to provide residents with assistance.

SRLC Hospice Help

A program that strives to improve and maintain the well-being of terminally-ill individuals.


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