Excellence in Education

The Challenge

Access to education is often the key intervention necessary for breaking the cycle of generational poverty. Approximately 15 million students across the US do not have access to the resources needed to succeed in school. 

The scenario is even more grim in other parts of the world, particularly in India where 120 million students studying in government schools have missed 3 academic years and urgently need to bridge the gap.

Our Solutions

SRLC educational initiatives have established a large footprint in various parts of India, especially in the Dharampur area in South Gujarat.

Global Efforts


SRLC-USA annually spearheads Back2School drives and supply initiatives, furnishing vital materials like backpacks, notebooks, binders, and educational resources to students and educators in underserved regions. Amid the pandemic, the organization dedicated its efforts to raising funds for online learning subscriptions and digital learning devices, facilitating remote education both in India and the United States.


Internationally, SRLC-USA supports the work of the Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur (SRMD) to establish and fund two schools and the first science university in the rural district of Valsad in Gujarat, India. For students from rural communities, access to higher education unlocks dreams and provides opportunities for higher learning.

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Institutes in India

Our Programs

SRLC Learning Education and Development (LEAD)

Aims to help both high school students and educators through academic coaching, support, and training workshops.

SRLC Educational Outreach Program

SRLC volunteers travel to remote villages and tribal areas making basic education accessible to children, adolescents, and adults.

SRLC Educational Development Plan

Designed to fund higher education, the plan provides $1,300 in interest-free loans and scholarships based on academic merit.

SRLC Education on Wheels

Mitigating the challenges of last mile access to education, due to lack of schools and resources in remote rural and tribal areas, The Education on Wheels van facilitates access to libraries, science labs, A/V equipment and projectors to support e-learning.

SRLC Educational Aids

The SRLC Educational Aids initiative helps families save money by providing school supplies at a 40% discount below market price.


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