Community Welfare

The Challenge

To undertake initiatives that strengthen community bonding.

Our Solutions

Undertaking programs that strengthen community bonding is at the heart of our Community Care initiative.


across 10 countries of people who pledge for organ donation

3000 +
receive a healing touch

Our Programs

SRLC Organ Donation Program

A public awareness campaign to encourage and promote organ donation after death.

SRLC Prisoner Upliftment and Reform Efforts (PURE)

Focuses on the development of the prisoner’s spiritual, moral values, physical and mental health, as well as education and skills.

SRLC Computer Classes

Free computer education in rural areas, so that maximum number of people become familiar with technology.

SRLC Pustakalay

Donating libraries to foster the joy of reading and to inculcate a keen curiosity for knowledge in young students.

SRLC Sports Pavilion

This pavilion offers safe and accessible outdoor play and exercise spaces and promotes physical fitness.

SRLC Cleanliness Drives

Sanitation and cleanliness drives are organised in public places which also aims at raising awareness on maintaining cleanliness.

SRLC Upvan

Building community gardens to improve the quality of people’s lives. Its a medium for recreation, exercise and overall community development.


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