Animal Shelter

Shrimad Rajchandra Jivamaitridham was established with a vision to foster love for animals and to bridge the gap between humans and animals. The Jivamaitridham aims to become a model centre of ahimsa, where animals are treated as friends and where their well-being and security is of paramount importance.

Shrimad Rajchandra Jivamaitridham is an animal abode in Dharampur, providing animals a comfortable living space and a holistic environment in which they can lead a safe, healthy and happy life. We provide good quality natural fodder to address their nutritional requirements. We also encourage human bonding with the animals to promote a feeling of mutual love and friendship.

We use ahimsak(non-violent) milking methods at the Jivamaitridham. Our cows are milked only after the calf has been properly fed; thereby only the surplus milk is used for consumption. We also use this milk to prepare ghee in the traditional way, first converting milk to curds and then ghee, so that there are no harmful trans-fats. It is 100% pure cow ghee with no adulteration of any kind or without any use of fertilisers or pesticides used in cow fodder. The milk is certified as having ‘Zero Transfats’.

Animals at the Shrimad Rajchandra Jivamaitridham have been adopted by families and are lovingly given a name.

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Shrimad Rajchandra Jivamaitridham

An animal shelter for over 250 animals, focused on forging a bond of love with the animals.

Our Facilities

A well-equipped animal shelter providing them a comfortable environment

Open areas for animals to wander freely and graze under the open skies

Farm for growing fodder to take care of their food requirements


Shrimad Rajchandra Jivamaitridham

Baroliya Village, Vapi Road, Dharampur – 396050, Dist. Valsad, Gujarat. India

+91 2633 240022