Environmental Care

The Challenge

Environmental Care works towards environmental protection and sustainability by striving to increase awareness of the efficient use of natural resources, by supporting tree plantations, water conservation, use of recycled products, alternate energy resources, and ‘eco-friendly’ products.

Our Solutions

Our Environmental Care initiative works towards the protection and sustainability of the environment through a myriad of endeavors including efficient use of natural resources, tree plantations, water conservation, recycled and eco-friendly products, and alternate energy resources.

Our Programs


Emerging from the vision to create a Permanent Green Lung with over 1 lakh trees and shrubs that generate ecological, biodiversity and climatic advantages.


Re-emergence of a complete and holistic biological food chain due to the various environmental initiatives at the Ashram.

Sowing for Energy, Empowerment and Development (SEED) Program

Improving family nutrition levels and supplementing livelihood through cultivation of organic kitchen gardens.

Solar Energy

Installation of solar panels across the institutes to reduce dependency on non-renewable energy.

Soil BioTechnology

Using a novel technology to clean and recycle sewage water, thereby allowing for its usage in the maintenance of the Ashram landscape.

Water Recharging

Undertaking various initiatives to recharge groundwater levels and harvest rainwater thus converting the Ashram hills into huge water reservoirs.

Desilting of Dam

Construction of a new check dam to increase the sustainable use of water and increase the water table of the area.

Waste Management

Minimising various types of waste discharge outside the Ashram through various collection and recycling techniques.

SRLC Grow Green Drive

Enriching the environment through tree plantations and awareness campaigns to protect and nourish the natural environment.

SRLC Recycling & Environment Awareness Program (REAP)

Cultivating an eco-friendly culture and recycling of waste products.

SRLC Eco Paper Drive

Saving trees through use of eco-friendly paper which is made from bagasse (dry sugarcane extract).

SRLC Alternate Energy Program

Promoting use of alternate energy sources like wind and solar energy where feasible.

SRLC Water Conservation Program

Implementing measures to conserve water.


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