Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care (SRLC)

In the Service of Humanity

SRLC’s holistic, multi-pronged community support and development programs are powered by genuine empathy and selfless care by highly motivated volunteers. SRLC constantly endeavors to deliver high quality and sustainable initiatives for the welfare of mankind, animals and the environment.

Our Philosophy

A Volunteer Driven Organization

We thrive with the support of thousands of volunteers in 100+ cities globally. This helps keep administration costs low and deepens our financial focus by leveraging every dollar we receive.

Sustainable & Scalable Programs

Our programs are replicable and development-driven, based on sustainable models that can be scaled up to address gaps and holistically impact communities in a deeper manner.

Focused Approach

Our programs are professionally run with strong foundational frameworks, utilizing best practices and key performance indicators to produce desired outcomes.

Spirit of Youth

A majority of our volunteers are youth who lead most of the initiatives under the 10 Care program.