Child Care

The Challenge

To advance children’s rights and safeguard their well-being by offering nutrition, protection from disaster, pre-natal care for healthy births, clean water and sanitation, healthcare and education.

Our Solutions

Our Child Care initiative is designed to safeguard all aspects of the well-being of children – from health to education and from birth to the early years of adulthood.

3000 +
babies treated at the NICU
2000 +
children have participated in the Kala Utsav
2 %
reduction in the infant mortality rate

Institutes in India

Our Programs

SRLC Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Specialized medical care for newborn babies.

SRLC District Early Intervention Center

A center to prevent or minimize physical or neurological disabilities in newborn babies and infants.

SRLC Child Malnutrition Treatment Center

Providing treatment to children suffering from malnutrition.

SRLC Life Skills Program

Value based education for underprivileged children.

SRLC Remedial Education And Learning (REAL)

Supporting children with learning difficulties.

SRLC Mid-Day Meal Program

Providing nutritious, hygienic mid-day meals for school children.

SRLC Kala Utsav

A platform for the rural youth to develop and showcase their inherent talents.


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