Animal Welfare


To create a model Ahimsa Centre from where numerous people can take inspiration to nurture love and bonding with animals.

Holistic Approach

Innumerable animals are killed for food, clothing, entertainment, and experimentation every year. The goal of our Animal Care initiative is to create a model Ahimsa Centre that provides relief through medical care, shelter, and protection, and fosters a bond of love with animals.

1. Ahimsa Awareness

2. Saving Animals from Execution

3. Jivamaitridham

4. Support to Panjrapoles (Animal Shelter)

5. Cattle Rehabilitation

6. Animal Helpline

7. Mobile Veterinary Service

145000 +

saved, treated and rehabilitated

2000 +

provided to local farmers

Institutes in India

Our Programs

SRLC Ahimsa Awareness Drives

Spreading awareness of an ahimsak lifestyle to the world through exhibitions, social media, documentaries, and presentations.

SRLC Animal Helpline

A dedicated contact number and ambulance to help save the life of sick and injured stray animals and birds.

SRLC Mobile Veterinary Service

Providing preventive, first-aid and medical treatment to animals in the remote villages.

SRLC Cattle Rehabilitation Program

Providing cattle with a home instead of a slaughterhouse, by rehabilitating them to farmers.

SRLC Saving Animals From Execution (SAFE)

Rescuing animals from slaughter and relocating them to panjrapoles.


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